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Dr. Pascale S. Guiton
Principal Investigator

Dr. Guiton is passionate about the microbial world (from bacteria to viruses to fungi and protozoans and helminths). She is a molecular microbiologist by training. Her lab focuses on understanding the biology of the amazing parasite, Toxoplasma gondii. Her goal as a principal investigator is to teach her mentees the love of a work well done in a laboratory setting and instill in them the skills required for rigorous scientific experimentations.

Dr. Guiton is a scientist-educator first and foremost! As such, she seeks that each student in her class becomes proficient in speaking the language of biology, understands the basic scientific principles, and values the contribution of the scientific method to our understanding of the world today. She actively avoids teaching biological sciences as rote learning; rather she believes it is an opportunity to enrich her students' day-to-day lives and contribute in making them fully informed citizens.

She values cross-cultural understanding, inclusiveness, and compassion, which are core values that she strives to nurture in her classroom and foster in her mentees. She is approachable and highly dedicated to the success of all her students. Her mentoring style in the lab is catered to each student according to their needs and their career goals. She strongly believes that her role is to set an example for her mentees, one that she takes very seriously.

For more about Dr. Guiton's professional activities, please see her curriculum vitae below.

Photo Credit: Alicja Cygan

Binh Cao

Binh Cao

Binh is an undergraduate student at Cal State East Bay. Growing up in a small country located in Southeast Asia, he has come to the US with the excitement and ambition of exploring the world and new things. As he moved around California, attending different community colleges and finally landing at Cal State East Bay, he discovered his passion for biological sciences. After participating in a biomedical research at National Institute of Health, this passion has turned into a desire to conduct research and to find answers for unanswered questions. It is this curiosity that encouraged him to find his way to Dr. Guiton’s lab. His specific project is to understand how promoter activities contribute to protein trafficking of Toxoplasma gondii.


Daniel Ho

Daniel Ho is a Microbiology and Biomedical Lab Undergraduate, who is an avid learner. His current project focuses on the functional characterization of three developmentally regulated hypothetical proteins in Toxoplasma gondii. By working in the lab and trying new opportunities, Daniel believes he can become a better version of himself. He finds himself fortunate to be working alongside brilliant individuals, thus further improving his goals.

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Ankush Kalia

Ankush Kalia is a CSUEB Graduate in Microbiology and is focused on widening his horizon. To fully understand one’s interest, one must be attempting new opportunities and surpassing their limits. Ankush is currently very intrigued with human physiology and how the interaction with other organisms can alter and manifest differently depending on the species. Ankush is currently engineering a strain of Toxoplasma gondii that will serve as an invaluable tool for understanding cellular differentiation of this parasite during infection.

Emily Quach

Emily Quach

Emily Quach is currently a Master’s student in Dr. Guiton’s lab. She earned her Bachelor’s of Science in Biotechnology with a concentration in microbiology and fermentation and a minor in technology management from UC Davis.

Emily is investigating how developmentally regulated metabolic enzymes contribute to stage conversion between bradyzoites and tachyzoites in Toxoplasma gondii.

Emily currently enjoys TAing Introduction to Clinical Microbiology (Biol 230 at CSU East Bay) and being lab manager for Guiton lab.

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Paula Rodriguez

Paula Rodriguez-Cruz is a third-year student at California State University East Bay, who is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences with a minor in chemistry. From a very young age she has had an interest in science-based subjects, especially those related to biology. She has always been intrigued by how living organisms function and how they are all linked. Paula is fascinated by what makes something ‘alive’, and the complexity and the very existence of the human body.

As a member of the Guiton Lab, she wants to develop the scientific skills that will provide her with a greater understanding of the environment and factors that affect living organisms. Specifically, her project focuses on understanding how proteins are targeted to the specialized secretory organelles in Toxoplasma gondii and other Apicomplexans.

Paula is a passionate, hardworking, and dedicated student that is striving to achieving her maximum potential.


Proyasha Roy

Proyasha is a visiting student at the Guiton Lab. She holds a Masters degree in Biotechnology from Bangalore University, India.

Proyasha is interested in studying neglected diseases at the molecular level which led her to work on functional characterization of proteins inToxoplasma gondii which may be important for establishing chronic infection in hosts.

In her spare time, she loves to read and try out locally produced coffee!


Janak Sharma

Janak is currently developing a series of plasmids for CRISPR/Cas9-mediated knockouts of hypothetical genes predicted to be involved in pathogenic processes of Toxoplasma gondii. Apart from research, he is interested in Advanced Biology, Physics and Chemistry, and loves to learn something from everyone. He is fun-loving, focused and passionate about school. Rising from India, he loves sports, especially martial arts, as well as music and dance.

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Amanpreet Sidhu

Amanpreet Sidhu is currently a Post-Baccalaureate student in Pre-Professional Health Academic Program at California State University East Bay and in Dr. Guiton’s lab. She earned her Bachelor’s of Science and Arts in Public Health and Psychology from UC Irvine. Her research in the Guiton Lab is focused on secreted effector proteins and understanding their role in the pathogenesis of Toxoplasma gondii



Lab Security &
Cuddling Officer

Ziggy is Dr. Guiton's best friend! He is a hypoallergenic 6-year old Shih-Tzu-Poodle. He has been Dr. Guiton's companion since he was 4-months old. He is a very happy puppy! From time to time, Ziggy visits Dr. Guiton's workplace to provide everyone with petting time and to bring more joy in the lab. But BEWARE! As the lab security officer, he makes sure no one violates the established safety rules!


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Former Members

Amanda Brawley

Oct 2018 - Feb 2019

Amanda is working for her Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences.

Noresha is working towards her major in Biological Sciences with an emphasis on Biomedical Lab Sciences and a minor in Chemistry. She hopes to graduate and eventually apply to graduate schools. 

Noresha Brown

Jan 2018 - Aug 2018


Parm is working towards earning a Bachelor of Science in Biological Science, with an emphasis in Physiology, and a minor in Chemistry. She hopes to graduate in the Spring of 2019. 

Parm Dhillon

Nov 2017 - Aug 2018


Emma is pursing a Bachelor’s degree in Biology with a concentration in microbiology and minor in chemistry. She hopes to graduate in Spring of 2020 and one day become a clinical lab scientist.

Emma Sheldon

Oct 2017 - Aug 2018


Chris graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biological Science, Microbiology/Biomedical Laboratory Sciences Option and minor in Chemistry, in Spring of 2018. He is currently finishing a phlebotomy program. He is a prospective Clinical Laboratory Science student. 

Christopher Javier

Oct 2017 - June 2018


Leslie Ann Ong

Sept 2017 - June 2018

Leslie graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biological Science, Microbiology/Biomedical Laboratory Sciences Option and minor in Chemistry, in Spring of 2018. She is currently an intern at Pivot Bio. She hopes to apply to graduate school. 



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